About Us

In 2008, a group of female motorcycle enthusiast founded the Dixie Divas Riding Club, a female riding club that focused on giving back to the community by partnering and sponsoring local charity events.

The organizers felt that "Breast Cancer is something that touches all women in some way. Whether it is you, your mother, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, niece, daughter or granddaughter, this disease affects all women's lives. Revvin’ 4 Research was our way to give back and fund research. We need to change our future."

Since the 1st Annual Revvin’ 4 Research Charity Ride in October 2009, the event’s sponsors, riders and volunteers have raised over $125,000 of which 100% of the proceeds have benefitted breast cancer research in Alabama.

About the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA)
The BCRFA is an independent 501 c3 non-profit organization that funds breast cancer research in Alabama. The research dollars provided to the cancer center are raised through sponsors and supporters of our fundraising events, a specialty license plate “Funding Research…Saving Lives” and individual and corporate donors.

Since 1996, the BCRFA has raised and invested over $6.75 million dollars in to provide seed money to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and its collaborative partners for cutting-edge breast cancer treatments to help end this devastating disease.

This money is in turn leveraged by the Cancer Center by national funders to generate a total impact of $95 million towards research, which has been instrumental in breakthrough treatments that are now reaching women across the United States and the world.

Proceeds from the Revvin' 4 Research Charity Ride benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA). To learn more about the BCRFA, please visit www.BCRFA.org.